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Oblitesco; a semi-elitist Harry Potter RPG
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This is a trio-era RPG. The trio are in the summer before their seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, we're following the story of the first five books. Yes, Sirius is dead. No, we're not bringing him back. No, we are not changing what happened in game during their sixth year to reflect what the sixth book gives us.

Dumbledore has been guiding Cornelius Fudge in how to properly defend the wizarding world against the dark forces, but in a sudden and tragic twist, Fudge has been kidnapped and killed by Voldemort himself. The Order realizes that Voldemort is trying to weaken the Ministry of Magic by doing this, and convinces Arthur Weasley to run for Minister. Unfortunately, the Death Eaters are also quite aware of the open position, and Lucius Malfoy (who has also escaped with the other Death Eaters, and is claiming to be innocent) attempts to run as well.

While Arthur's intentions are only good and he rallies for votes in a positive manner, Lucius uses threats and money to try to gain the position. After an extremely close vote, Arthur Weasley becomes the new Minister of Magic. This creates a very new atmosphere in the Weasley family. Though the loss of Fudge is painful, the Weasleys are now confronted with more money, more exposure, and more strain. Mrs. Weasley is very worried about Arthur's position, Ron is overwhelmed by his father's newfound exposure, and Ginny seems to be taking it all in stride.

Unfortunately, Voldemort's plan is succeeding in that the Ministry is weakened by this sudden change. While Arthur is struggling to catch up and the Order is keeping their eyes on Voldemort and his minions, the atmosphere Hogwarts is changing. The students are growing up and realizing the seriousness of the situation. Harry is coming to terms with the prophecy and Sirius' death, Ron is dealing with his newfound fame and his Quidditch Captain appointment, and the members of the DA are becoming very serious about their practice. Dumebledore pushes the idea of interhouse unity within Hogwarts, but it only seems to backfire when the Slytherin's attack at the Halloween Ball.

Voldemort’s growing strength was shown when he attacked Hogwarts during the leaving feast at the end of the trio’s sixth year. He promised he would be back. The entire wizarding community is up in arms. Suspicion is up. Prejudice against Slytherin’s has increased tremendously. Everyone is weary of what is to come and when the next attack will take place.

With Dumbledore and the order trying to figure out how to keep everyone safe, parents questioning whether or not to send their children back to Hogwarts, and the blame being placed on Harry Potter… no one knows what will happen next. The Order knows that Voldemort has been attempting to drain the magic out of children he has captured and are busy attempting to get these children back.

Everyone is aware of the dangers that lay ahead, but no one is as aware as Voldemort, for he still has plans that have yet to unfold as the year progresses...
Summery for the whole game so far.

The easiest way to read all game posts in chronological order is to read via a character's friendspage, for example, through Draco’s journal. All characters have all other characters and communities friended, so you could read from any friendspage and not miss an entry!

NOTE: Only character-journals will be added to any of the communities and character friends-lists.

in no particular order:
AIM screenname: rissaqjennings
Amie plays Zach Smith, Jon Summerby, and Elphias Doge.
AIM screenname: mtc12208
E-mail: mtc12208@yahoo.com
Meredith plays Meg Jones, Sophia Fawcett, and Lee Jordan.